Bair Art Editions is owned by The Stock Solution (TSS) -- in business for over 25 years, and licensing stock photography online since 1995. TSS also owns Inkjet Art Solutions.

Bair Art Editions is dedicated to the highest reproduction quality at affordable prices. Although we do a variety of wide-format inkjet printing for display graphics, we specialize in "giclée" fine art print reproduction.

We have standardized on Epson wide-format inkjet printers using pigment inks because these components offer the highest image quality and the greatest longevity. Our high-resolution (1440 dpi) Epson Stylus Pro 10000 inkjet printer is capable of printing images up to 44" wide and almost any length. We also have two Epson 7600 printers, two 9600s, and a 7000.

Scans from your color transparencies are done with the award-winning Imacon Flextype II scanner. Large, original art is scanned directly with a Phase One digital scanning back, mounted to a 4" x 5" Sinar camera. This process can eliminate the copy transparency step, helping us to retain delicate tones and color nuances that can be lost through other copy procedures.

What sets us apart from other labs who hire "printing technicians" is that we employ professional photographers as our techs: Ted Van Horn and Stephen Bair.

Ted Van Horn has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. He has worked on numerous film sets, and also owned and operated a film processing lab for eight years. These days he is not only a full-time digital retoucher and printer with us, he even owns his own Epson 7600 printer at home and really knows how to use it.

Stephen Bair has been with the company (The Stock Solution) for over ten years, and has had almost that many years of photographic experience. He has worked heavily with the arm of the company, and is therefore very versed in all of our media options. He was first introduced to Adobe Photoshop back with version 2.0 . These days he uses it so extensively, as well as Ted, that we are able to offer complete digital workshops under their instruction.

Stephen is still active as a photographer, and owns a freelance Utah Portrait and Wedding Photography business.

Royce Bair